Sunday, September 7, 2008

Changing Gender Roles?

This is an era of women trying to shatter the glass ceilings and men attempting to cope with ‘over’ successful wives. But while the typical stereotypes may have diluted a bit, scratch the surface and we are where we were a decade ago.The attempts to change gender roles are rather superficial. People are more comfortable with the roles assigned to them. Society is against radical changes. People are secure in their traditional comfort zones.
The media projects the gradual shift in attitude. However, the pertinent question is – Are men really prepared to accept the ‘new’ woman? The answer is oft stated. They are ‘good friends’ with the successful career-woman but to tie the knot they seek a traditional woman who can cook and keep the mother- in- law happy.
Even woman prefer strong dominating men as against today’s ‘metro sexual male’. No woman wants man who is extra sensitive and cares more about the kitchen than his career graph. So, a woman who does not cook is still not deemed a homemaker and an overly emotional man is not considered man enough. A child even today is largely the woman’s responsibility and the man will still think twice before crying like a baby. May be it’s still not time for Parvati to move over.


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