Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Art of Letter Writing

There was a time when letter writing was considered an art. Much of History and Science is constructed from letters left by great men in the past. Today ,letter writing is a dying art for most of the people. No longer does one lie in wait for the postman because what he will bring most of the time is junk mail,bills and magazines.
Time has become such a precious commodity, and ordinary mail so slow that it is termed as 'snail-mail'! In the fast-paced age,even if one has the time to write long letter,the receiver has no time or patience to read it! In the 21st century where brevity and speed are of the utmost importance,letter writing with its rich descriptions are and narratives has been discarded in favor of the e-mail.
The telephone is an important means of communication today. Even telephones have become old. Modern trend is on cell phones. It's good to hear the voices of your loved ones. But somehow at that time one forgets all the things one would like to say and also ask. With the dying out of the art of letter writing,the art of expressing one's feelings and emotions is also dying out. While e-mail is a good way to keep in touch it is too brief and impersonal to explore the richness of the language. It cannot replace the thrill of receiving a letter,which you read,set aside and read again.


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