Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Become Most Wanted In College

If you’re very eager to become popular or in other words "THE MOST WANTED" in your college, I give you few suggestions that you can adopt so as to become a college king. Let me straight away highlight you the points to become a college hero.
  1. Have the highest number of arrears so that the principal often calls you and meets you though you don’t like to meet him. This indirectly means your becoming the top notch in your college.
  2. You can fight with a professor or lecturer for a mistake on your part (No shoes or ID cards, etc...) and make sure the fight attracts the whole class and as you know it will spread as fast as light to the whole college. So its simple method that everyone can adopt.
  3. Cut the maximum number of periods and hang around in the college so that you’re caught by higher officials and make sure you do the same for many number of times. Obviously, they will suspend you and your name will be on the notice board that leads to popularity.
  4. Love or make a friendship with a girl who tops the beauty list in your college. Put scene (showing your costly cell phone to her, by the way you speak, your dressing style) so as to impress her and make yourself popular. But make sure that you don’t overact and spoil your image in front of that girl.
  5. You can protest and make strikes against the college say, for example, improper infrastructure, improper facilities offered in college (Hostel) or complaint on often bribe of money and so on. I don’t think everyone can do this.
  6. Make sure you indulge in college fights between various departments. If your not able to fight or you don’t have a perfect physique for it, better join a gang and just make sure your presence in that gang with your voice.
  7. You can often question when you know nothing about the subject during seminars or lectures or conferences held for the whole college. Or try giving answers relevant or irrelevant to the question asked by the speaker which may draw some attraction towards you.
  8. You can participate in various cultural programs and attract a lot people by your skills. But if you don’t have any, it is better to stay away from the contests rather than damaging your image in front of all.
  9. You can be studious and obedient in all your works. Make sure you are a perfect perfectionist and you get the highest marks in your college which is the official way to popularity but most of the people may not be able to do this because it’s the toughest of all(STUDYING). This option gives you the name 'Padips','Rules' and so on. Better Avoid It!!


subashri said...

wow..great method..good job..

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