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Vaaranam Aayiram Review

The film is basically designed as a tribute to Gautham Menon’s father comes. The narration of the film has been designed to follow a ‘classic approach’. Unfortunately, all the ingredients that go into the making of a classic are missing thereby making the screenplay very slow and tiring, at times to irritable proportions. Gautham has most definitely missed the plot with ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ giving more emphasis to incidents rather than linking them well.

The story starts off with a senior citizen Krishnan (Suriya) getting his hair trimmed in a saloon only to die after reaching home. The news is conveyed to his son, Major Suriya (Suriya) who is part of a rescue mission. With determination, the young man declares he wants to go ahead with the mission. But the son remembers the events of his life as flashes in his mind.

The story is narrated through sequences – the time his father had met his mother in college (as told to him by his mother) and the innovative way he proposed his love for her – his birth and the way he had always looked up to his dad as a real hero – his sister’s birth and the happy little family that they were – his misadventures and the moment he was engulfed by the electric sensation of love etc.

Suriya’s adolescent days come across as a breath of fresh air. After his college he returns home back and that is where he sees Megna (Sameera Reddy) on train and after a while he straight away proposes to her in a different way. But she says she wants to know what kind of a guy he is and then will say if she likes him or not. After the interesting introduction, the determined Suriya goes to her house to see her. Megna is surprised but then is not convinced that his love for her is true. She reveals her plans to study in America and her preparations to leave in a week’s time.

The happy-go-lucky Suriya does some business and using the gift of being a good guitarist makes money. He is able to fulfill all the needs of his house in a small time. And then he is off to America, not for a career, not for studies but to win his girl’s heart and marry her. They do meet in America and then for 90 days they both are together. During those days they share many things and finally Megna accepts Suriya’s love. An unfortunate incident happens and Megna dies. He plans to go away some where because he feels he has lost his life. He later plans to return to India and he meets a person called Shankar Menon in the airport seeing Suriya cry. He later encourages him in the flight to face the life.

A reckless Suriya then starts smoking, drinking and becomes a horrible drug addict. His parents take care of him through these torrid times. His parents even want him to go away somewhere to find himself and come back as the person that he really is. Suriya walks the streets of Kashmir and hearing about the news of a kid kidnapped which happens to be the man whom he met in the airport. He then moves to Delhi and rescues the kidnapped child. Then the military bug bites him and he joins the armed forces. It is about this time that the director has made maximum usage of his good looks and the famous six-pack ab.

After six years in the armed forces, he becomes a major and also has loving thoughts of a girl (Priya played by Divya) he had known for a long time from childhood (friend of Suriya’s s sister) but had really not given any kind of attention to. At one instance he is called for the emergency rescue mission and it is at this time that the reality comes back. After the mission he returns back home for his dad’s funeral. The story then comes to an end.

Overall Suriya rocks throughout. He looks unbelievably like a person in his early twenties in some sequences. Something very few actors can really do. Harris Jayaraj has rendered a beautiful set of songs with this film. The camera is really fantastic. Sameera Reddy has been casual and fits the role aptly. Simran has gathered all her experience and does justice. Divya with her girl-next-door looks performs a good. I feel this film could have been much better if the screenplay in the second half was much faster when compared. Overall your money is not wasted. Worth watching it!!!


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