Monday, December 1, 2008

Facts About Kashmir

I came to know few facts about Kashmir from my friends which I would like to share. Those are as follows.
  • It is the only that has two capitals.
  • People living in Kashmir have two citizenships.
  • Outsiders cannot buy a single feet of land in Kashmir.
  • If a girl living in Kashmir marries an outsider, then she loses her identity immediately.
  • This is the only state in India that has its own flag.
  • There is no land tax or property tax for the people in Kashmir.
  • The price of rice,wheat,sugar and oil are the same for the past 50 years and due to this there is a loss of 1000 crores every year for India.
But what ever may be the loss or rules over there it is the paradise for India.


Zehra on December 1, 2008 at 4:03 PM said...

Its good to see that you are interested in facts rather that the 'fiction' on Kashmir. But I would like to add on to it.
1. A girl who marries a non-Kashmiri doesn't lose her identity but the right to inherit property.
2. Prices have changed like elsewhere in India. In fact, the prices of essential commodities like petrol, vegetables, vegetable oils etc is higher due to higher transportation charges. Here is a link to a BBC story-

Your friends need a little brush-up of facts. However, a nice initiative! Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the accession agreement that India insists on holding up as absolute evidence that Kashmir belongs to them is to be upheld, then I guess India has to take the good with the bad.

Rice, petrol, vegetables, etc haven't changed in price? Really? Someone point me to the vendors so I may enjoy those sales.

I have nieces who married those outside Kashmir - they're no less who they are than they were.

Keep bringing these facts - they're amusing!

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